About Never Give Up Experience (NGU)

 The NGU Experience is designed to contribute to people through evocative and innovative inspirational entertainment.


WHAT is NGU Experience?   “Entertainment that makes a difference” 

Never Give Up Experience consists of 4 areas of entertainment.


Our Mission is to elevate mind, body and spirit through the integration of music, drama, technology and philanthropy that touches the heart and inspires people to live life fully.


It is a Musical, a Concert and a Salon Event which discusses important topics and features live musical performances. In addition, we will be offering Inspirational Interviews with people all around the world, sharing moving stories on how they never gave up, here on the NGU web portal.

1. Never Give Up musical – the musical is currently in development stage.

2. Never Give Up concert – we will be touring 2017  (performance dates will be on our newsletter).

3. Never Give Up salon – is in it’s second year and is a periodic live and recorded event hosted by Glenda Benevides/Mirror Speaks The Truth with guest speakers and musical performances. (in production now)

To be invited as our guest audience, please sign up on our newsletter or send us an email request. We would love to meet you and hear your story of never giving up.

4. Never Give Up Inspirational Interviews – We interview a variety of people to showcase their moving inspirational stories. If you have a story to share, let us know by sending us an email and we will be glad to share it with the world (launching monthly videos 2017).

The Never Give Up Experience – entertainment that makes a difference.

Never Give Up show 2016

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